Traditional Villages

Historic village known from the Struggle of 1821.

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Village in Parnonas full of green. It offers excellent accommodation with hotels, tavernas, shops with local products, it is a destination all year round, since it covers all the tastes.

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One of the most famous summer resorts of Peloponnisos, with great development because of the short distance from big cities. 165km from Athens and 49 from Tripolis.

Old capital of Tsakonia and rich Medieval Town.

Great village that took its name from the complex of the seven villages of Kastri, as the biggest one of the region until 1960.

Big village of Tsakonia that keeps its tradition unchangeable.

The most ancient village of Tsakonia with the dialect of Tsakonia spoken even today from the inhabitants. The first written appearance of the village was in 1239.

Picturesque, little village built to the southeastern side of Parnonas to 450m from the sea level, 180km from Athens.

Mountainous village full of green with stunning view, known for the victorious battle of Nikitaras in May of 1821.