Paralio Astros


One of the most famous summer resorts of Peloponnisos, with great development because of the short distance from big cities. 165km from Athens and 49 from Tripolis. It has developed touristic substructures for every taste, crystal clear beaches and water sports. You can visit it all year round, ideal for weekends. There you can find a Sailing Centre, and you can visit the villages of Kynouria and the islands of Argosaronikos. The picturesque natural port is amazing, but the so called from the locals "Nisi" with an incredible view to the Argolic Bay. "Nisi" is called a part of the area that is built on the side of the hill. The houses of that region have kept their traditional colour and on top there is the well-known kedieval castle. Every summer in the local theatre take place a lot of cultural festivals and sports events.

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