Parnonas or Malevos. The mountain of Kynouria that seperates Arcadia from Kynouria. It is 1940m from the sea level. Its highest top is Megali Tourla. The mountain was famous for its extensive forests. Even the original form of the village has changed, it still has rich greenery, fauna and lands, such as the areas with black pine trees, chestnut trees and cedar trees that have ecological value.

Waterfalls of Lepida

The great waterfalls are in the gorge in a distance of 4km from the village Agios Ioannis of Parnonas. The big waterfall has height 70m and the small one 45m. The climbing clubs organise canyoing and rapel there. These waterfalls are considered to be of the most beautiful, but unknown miracles of nature of Parnonas. The rocks around the waterfalls are brown and the water falls harshly on them. The are smells origan, sage as the small plane-trees make a picturesque scenery. In summer there is a pond for swimming.


The gorge of Lepidas

Even if it is not particularly big, it has natural beauty. To reach the gorge you can go either from Kato Doliana or from the villages of Kastri. It has 2 waterfalls, the big one oh 70m and the small one of 45m, that impress the visitor. Apart from the view, the walker can admire a variety of flora and fauna that are in abundance in Parnonas. It is actually said that you can count 80 species of herbs and plants. The gorge is suitable for extreme sports and canyoing. For those who want to try the gorge it has two impressive waterfalls, jumpand slides in clean water.


The gorge of Mazias

One of the most beautiful gorges of Parnonas that offers unique experiences to the visitor and expects to discover it. The gorge starts after Kastanitsa and is crossed by a river, surrounded by green, mostly plane trees and huge rocks. Through the gorge you can reach the Monasteri of Kontolinas. Walking through the gorge is really hard, but nature is brilliant and the area is really interesting because of the variety of herbs, as during the route you can see a lot of half destroyed watermills.


The gorge Platanos

The village with plenty of water and the waterfall in the south entrance has the famous Spilakia gorge that has dense growth and ends up to Vrasiati river. The gorge is suitable for trekking and walking close to nature - there is also the cave of Sotiras. The gorge leads to one of the greatest gorges of Parnonas, the one of Zarbanitsas. You can visit it in September, when the local club organises gamble competitions, after the unforgettable experience of the gorge.


The gorge of Zarbanitsa

It was created by the amount of water of Vrasiati river. It is a very big gorge that starts from the castle of Zaggolis and ends up to Agios Andreas. In order to cross it you need knowledge and equipment, because it has two difficult and dangerous spots that cannot be passed by easily. To the Zarbanitsa gorge you can reach from Platanos through Spilakia. The scenery is impressive, since both left and right there are high rocks. In summer the visitor can view the waterfalls and small lakes and why not swim.


The refuge of Parnonas

It is 1420m from the sea level, near the village Vamvakou Lakonias. It started in 1973 and it was a donation from George Pierce. The refuge is 2 hours from Vamvakou, through Kastanitsa and the route close to nature is amazing.electricity is not available, it has a fireplace, a stove and gas for cooking, as there is natural souce of water. There is possibility of hospitality for 34 people. The area is ideal for amateur astronomers, that avery year make observations there. You can also explore the mountain through guided routes, whereas the view is breathtaking.


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