Parnonas or Malevos. The mountain of Kynouria that seperates Arcadia from Kynouria. It is 1940m from the sea level. Its highest top is Megali Tourla. The mountain was famous for its extensive forests. Even the original form of the village has changed, it still has rich greenery, fauna and lands, such as the areas with black pine trees, chestnut trees and cedar trees that have ecological value. The monasteries are widespread in the mountain, as its gorges - that are constantly discovered by nature-lovers and action-lovers, since some of them are harshly beautiful and extremely difficult for the beginners. The mountain has developed touristic interest and it is suitable all year round and for alternative activities that cover all the tastes. Trekking, hiking through the guided paths, climbing,mountain bike, scaling, extreme sports in gorges, swimming in natural lakes, naturalistic observations, astrological observations, on the road discoveries. On the other hand, the rich tradition of Parnonas, is shown in the local celebrations that take place really often. Religious, historical, cultural celebrations, even dedicated to local products are annualy organised in the villages of Parnonas. Ideal place for relaxation and recreation but for visits to the villages with special architecture such as Kastanitsa and Prastos, as well.

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