Arkadiko Chorio Beach

The beach of the village on the way of Agios Andreas to Leonidio is 1,5km from the village. The beach is a small gulp extended to length of 110m full of pebbles. The water is clean but not particularly deep. The access to the beach is through a path and it is not organised, but there are toilets available, showers and rubbish bins. There are cloth sunshades along the beach on iron stakes .The maximum number of swimmers is estimated at 150 people.


Xerronisi Beach

One of the various beaches of Kynouria, that took its name from the lake of Xerronisiou (the second one after the lake of Moustou) that is formed from the waters that spring from the sources. The lake leads directly to the sea.


Kryoneri Beach

Magic beach, between Arcadiko Chorio and Tyros, with crystal-cler blue sea, pebbles and greenery until the sea. The favourite beach of the youngsters and those who feel young. It has a beach bar that gives beat to summer holidays with parties and special events. Its name was from the springs that exist in the mainland, one of which gives water to Spetses with water-boats-but from the fresh water whch goes into the sea. The area offers rented rooms and cottages. There is also an important, underwater cave for those who love underwater exploration and look for similar adventures.


Paliohano Beach

Beach of Kato Vervena with shallow, clean water and thick sand. Its name was given since in 1800 there was an inn. There you can visit the stone-made building of post-Byzantine period, 10km from the beach, that has embrasures to all the sides and make visitors wonder about its architecture and style. From that area it was said to be transferred whitewash to the others regions of Argolida. Near Palioxano, there is a cave from which springs fresh water, which the animals could drink.


Atsiganos Beach

One of the most popular and crowded beaches of Kynouria, 5km from Astros. It is extended 4 m length and can serve 5.000 people. Ideal for all ages, full of sand and pebbles. Shallow, warm water suitable for kids. The sea becomes deep 5 metres from the coast. In the area there are the kids campsites of the Municipality of Tripolis. Part of the beach is organised and can serve the swimmers such as umbrellas, toilets,deck-chairs, showers and rubbish bins. On the coast there is a lifeguard and canteens, organised area for rackets, football field and parking space at the south.


Xiropigado Beach

Beach on the Xiropigado village of Kynouria. Peaceful environment,pebbles, clean water and touristic development with hotels, rented rooms, tavernas with fish that are open all year round. Xiropigado is on the borders of Arcadia- Argolida and offers ideal vacation for those who look for relaxation. The visitors can visit the nearby areas of Kynouria and Argolida. The beach offers free wi-fi.


Anavalos Beach

One of the the various, quiet beaches that you can meet on the way from Astros to Argolida, before Kiveri and after Xiropigado. The beach is on the border of the two regions and offers sand and clean water, since it took its name from the underwater source of fresh water of Anavalos that moves to Kynouria and Argolida. In the area there is the woman monastery of St.Makrina (sister of St.Vassiliou) that started building in 1971 in the Bishopric of Argolida and nowadays there are children' s campsites. The monastery celebrates on 19th July.


Portes Beach

South of Astros, took its name from the region Portes of Meligou. 3 minutes from the centre of Astros and 10 by bike. It actually is an old mouth of the lake Moustou that today remains inactive. A part of the distance is dirt-road. The beach offers thick sand-pebbles and deep cool water, whereas because of the winds the beach is suitable for sports. There are also eucalyptus for natural shade and canteens for coffee, fizzy drinks and ice-creams.


Beach of Astros

It is the beach that primarily starts from the port and ends up 5km southern to Xerronisi, near the beach of Agios Andreas. It is the main beach in front of the tavernas and the cafes of the seaside Astros with crystal-clear water,as the sports lovers have the chance to enjoy the sea doing their favourite sport. The beach is organised and suitable for all ages. You can also enjoy a great walk by the picturesque port and the stunning view from the Castle and the "Island".


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