Suggestions for trips

Cycling routes

Day trips and cycling routes to North Kynouria.A suggestion includes:Start from seaside Astros to Palioxano-do not ommit enjoy the view that the landscape offers to the visitor and then through Kato Vervena return to Astros.An easy round route of a few kilometres without inclination but with a great sea view.

A second suggestion of cycling routes is from Astros to the beach Portes to Kato Meligou and from there through the central road to the lagoon of Moustos.You can direct to the beach,through a short earthen way and see the canal which transferred the water from the lagoon to the sea.Today the canal is inactive.Return to Astros from the same way.It is a short,relaxing route without inclination.Easy and ideal for friendly talks.


Daily trips (by car)

A suggestion for a day trip by car through magnifiscent landscapes includes the way from Agios Andreas that is near the sea level,by the sea,until the villages of Kastri to Parnonas and then back.A route close to nature and chestnut trees and every type of plants and herbs that you can think of.You can see half-ruined castles,bridges,churches,monasteries,water and gorges during the way.The route is relatively difficult and needs attention while driving,although the visitor can enjoy the beauty and the uniqueness.
After Agios Andreas you reach Prastos,through a magnificent but difficult route,one of the most picturesque villages of Kynouria,without touristic accommodation.It is a village that you can feel the tradition to the buildings and the language since the locals use the dialect of Tsakonia.From there we go to the other picturesque village of Tsakonia with teaditional colours,Kastanitsa.There we stop for food and taste the variety of recipes with chestnut.We relax having a coffee on the square and then we return crossing the villages os Sitaina-Platanos-Agios Ioannis.Mountainous villages of Parnonas with great landscapes and crystal-clear water.The last mountainous village that during winter does not have residents,before we arrive to Agios Andreas is Meligou.

A second easy route for a day trip by car to mountainous Kynouria:We start from Kastri,since we have admired the stunning view of the village,heading to the other village of mountainous Kynouria tha has developed touristic accommodation,Agios Petros.Both villages are built in nature and the landscape captures our look to the beauty and peace.How many thingsyou can admire. Arriving to Agios Petros you can visit the tavernas and the traditional shops.The route is completed to the monastery of  Panagia Malevi with religious devoutness.There you can relax your spirit  and ask whatever you want from Virgin Mary.

The monstery is especially beautiful that worths visiting and enjoy the view that offers and see the cedar forest of the area.

After the monastery you return to Kastri ,where you can stay for the night to hotels that has the village